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Flooring Supplies Keysborough: A Complete Flooring Specialists

Whether you are looking for a traditional timber floor or something more modern, we have a solution to match every tastes. We are flooring specialists with more than 20 years of industry experience, which makes us expert in what we do. With our experience and in-depth knowledge about flooring, we can guide you through the selection of best flooring product for your Keysborough home. We have a huge collection of well known, trusted flooring brands including Belaire, Karndean, Ser Floor, Sunstar, Polyflor, Floor Tex, Terra Mater and more.

In addition to providing quality flooring materials, we also focus on environmental friendly flooring products. We believe in staying true to our customers and provide them accurate information regarding costs, pros and cons of the product before they make decisions. Your satisfaction is our first priority, and we aim to provide exceptional customer service from the moment you step in our showroom to the final selection.

Laminate Flooring Supplies Keysborough: Excellent Choice For Tight Budgets

Laminate flooring is a stylish and durable flooring that transforms any area with an outstanding timber look flooring. With a hard-wearing surface, it is wear resistant, scratch resistant and available in an enormous range of colours and styles. Laminate is one of the most durable and scratch resistant floor products available in the market. Laminate Flooring is affordable and ideal for those on a tight budget

Are you planning to renovate your home with laminate floors? So, if you’re ready to elevate your space with beautiful laminate floors, contact us today to figure out our range of laminate floorings. Get in touch with one of our consultants who will help you achieve the perfect look for your home or business. Choose Craigs Flooring Supplies and trust us to deliver exceptional product that exceed your expectations.

Why choose laminate flooring for your home in Keysborough?

Laminate flooring is one of the popular choices for Australian homeowners and businesses because of its various benefits which makes laminate a great flooring product. Benefits of laminate flooring are as follow:

Affordable and cheaper than other flooring

It is definitely cheaper than any other flooring options available in the maker which makes it very affordable for homeowners with limited budget. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly flooring, laminate offers a cheap deal.

Highly durable and resistant to stains, dent and fading

Laminate flooring is very durable and long-lasing flooring: an ideal option to invest in long-run. If you worry that you many need to replace it within a few years, you do not have to, because unlike carpet or hardwood, laminate will not fade even in the direct sunlight. It is also resistant to stains, dent and scratches.

Laminate is easy to install

You can easily install laminate floors in your home. It doesn’t require any special installation techniques. It can be also placed on top of wood, plywood, concrete or even existing flooring.

Easy to clean and maintain

You can clean laminate floors with just a swipe. It doesn’t require regular wax or polishing. You can dust, vacuum or wet-mop once in a while and it will look brand new again.

So, if you want a great looking flooring solution within your budget range with various other benefits, you definitely should consider laminate for home.


Flooring Supplies Keysborough Flooring Supplies Keysborough Flooring Supplies Keysborough Flooring Supplies Keysborough

Hybrid Flooring Supplies Keysborough: Durable and Easy to Maintain

Hybrid flooring is a versatile flooring that combines the best features of both laminate and vinyl flooring. It can be used for a wide range of applications and provide an elegant and functional flooring solution for any residential or commercial space. It is made of multiple layers which makes it more durable and stable. Its top layer is also printed with realistic wood texture which gives the flooring the appearance of natural timber floor.

One of the main benefits of hybrid flooring is that it is waterproof, making is suitable for areas with high level moisture, such as bathrooms, laundry and kitchens. It is also resistant to fading, so it will retain its colour and appearance over longer period of time. Additionally, it is easy to clean and maintain, and you can sweep, mop, or vacuum as needed.


How long will hybrid flooring last? How durable is it?

Hybrid flooring is a highly durable flooring option that can withstand daily wear and tear and ideal to use in high-traffic areas of your home. Hybrid flooring is highly resistant to moisture, so it preserves the floor from water damage over time. How long hybrid flooring will last depends on several factors, such as the quality and thickness of the layer and the amount of foot traffic in your home. However, with proper installation, great care and maintenance, hybrid flooring can last for 10 to 20 years or more.

At Craigs Flooring Supplies, all hybrid flooring comes with a long-term manufacturer warranty. You can rest assured about the quality you get here in our showroom.


Bamboo Flooring Supplies Keysborough: Natural and Eco-friendly flooring option

Bamboo is well known for its strength and the most durable natural flooring materials which makes it an excellent alternative to traditional hardwood floors. It looks amazing, is easy to care for, eco-friendly, durable and affordable. It is also moisture resistant, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. If you’ re looking to add a touch of elegance to your space with bamboo’s natural beauty, bamboo flooring is definitely worth investing.

We offer vast collection of different varieties of bamboo flooring that tis hard to find in any other flooring suppliers. Our bamboo flooring solution comes in different styles that perfectly match your existing interior design. Choosing the right flooring can completely transform your house. If you’re in dilemma which floor to choose from, our expert will help you to select the perfect flooring for your home.


Contact us to see how we can help you

Choosing the right flooring is a significant decision, and consulting with flooring experts will help in taking the right decision. At Craigs Flooring Supplies, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re renovating a single room or an entire house, our team is dedicated to assist you find the perfect flooring solution for your upcoming project.



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